Heavy duty racking

Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking System is the most commonly used storage racking system, loading capacity is more than 5000kg/layer, the name is derived from this. Heavy duty racking system has good picking efficiency and can help you to store heavier items, but the storage density of heavy duty racking system is low. Heavy duty racking system also called pallet racking system, which have the characteristics of higher loading capacity wide range of high adaptability, mechanical access and high efficiency of selection, but the space utilization rate is average. Heavy duty racking system is widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. It is not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch items, but also for small-variety and large-batch items. Heavy duty racking system is most used in high position warehouses and ultra-high-position warehouses (Automated warehouses usually use heavy duty racking system )